In 2017, many people were saddened and frustrated by the disaster in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Harvey, Mexico's earthquake, famine in East Africa, and the list goes on. Donors wanted to make a meaningful contribution, but didn't know how.

As a response, we're launching Level Giving. With Level Giving, donors can buy supplies that are needed, see what impact they're having and feel confident their money will be put to good use! 



Intention to Give               Need on the Ground  



Aid needs are growing. You can help meet them with our crowd funding platform designed specifically for charitable giving. By purchasing supplies for a nonprofit, you'll now exactly how your donation dollars are being put to work.

177 Great Locations To Choose


People impacted 

by natural 

disasters each year

Increase in aid requests per year

Number of new refugees from man-made crises


Level Giving was created specifically to meet real time supply needs with your desire to give more than just a check. Using Level Giving to meet your charitable goals is quick and easy!

Receive Progress Reports

Track your shipment through our partner.  Technology is used to maximize supply routes and save time and money on aid shipments.



How It Works

Shop the Need

Track the Purchase

Easily purchase quality supplies needed by relief organizations using our e-commerce platform. You'll receive a receipt for a 501(c)(3) tax deduction! 


Receive a progress report from the non-profit on how your donation was used, keeping you close to the impact on the ground! 

What People Are Saying


Americares Sr VP Global Programs Dr. E. Anne Peterson 

"“ . . . we are gathering the needs list – what they need most urgently and when – and bringing it back up here to San Juan, and then we will be doing air shipments and cargo via boat, coming in with medicines and medical supplies for the additional needs and all of the recovery.” 

J. Gannaway

West Virginia  VOAD

"Level Giving will help us secure the supplies we need for our preparedness work. We know of no other service like this!" 

We’re asking you to raise the bar on charitable giving and take part in this new reality.

Have confidence your charitable dollars are being put to good use!

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